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Bubble Wrap Popping Simulator 2013 is literally THE most realistic bubble wrap popping simulator in existence! Do you not have any bubble wrap of your own to pop? Not a problem! Just play this instead!

Most realistic bubble popping simulation on the PLANET!
Most realistic graphics ever in a video game! That's because they're REAL PHOTOS!
Playable in 14 languages!
Real sounds of bubble wrap being popped recorded from REAL bubble wrap!

Yes 2013. This was made pretty long ago. But maybe one day there will be a sequel...

Install instructions

On Windows you can download the installer and... install it. No portable version was made at the time as I wasn't so enlightened, however the installer doesn't do anything special and you can probably extract its files with almost any file archiver. Run winsetup.exe if you need to configure, or want to change the language.

Linux, Android, Mac OS X: get your platform's AGS binaries, and point it to
the game's data files, you'll have to mess with your file archiver to extract the installer.
Important note: game may not work properly (but probably will) on Windows 8 or 10. I don't support these systems so you're on your own if it doesn't work. Sorry.


Windows installer 1 MB

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